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Gold IRA

Requires 99.5%* Pure Bullion


*American Eagles allowed

Silver IRA

Requires 99.9% Pure Bullion


Palladium IRA

Requires 99.95% Pure Bullion


Platinum IRA

Requires 99.95% Pure Bullion


Three Simple Steps to a Precious Metals IRA

Step 1 Open Your Account - Complete our online application. Your new account will be fully opened within two business days.
Step 2 Fund Your Account - Make a contribution, transfer money from a similar account (Traditional IRA to Traditional IRA), or initiate a rollover from a dissimilar account with the same tax status (401(k) to Traditional IRA).
Step 3 Make Your Investment - Submit your Buy Direction Letter and Depository Election form. With those forms and an invoice from your dealer, we'll execute the investment and await delivery confirmation from the depository.

Free Investor's Education

Important Things to Know

New Direction Trust Company does not recommend or endorse any particular investment or asset provider. We allow our precious metals investors to conduct IRA business with the dealer of their choosing. As such, it is the responsibility of account holders to perform as much due diligence as they see fit on their dealer of choice. We encourage self-directed investors to weigh pertinent factors such as delivery time, price, and fees when making their investment decisions.

The IRS prohibits collectible items in self-directed IRAs, but there are exceptions for gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. Most IRA custodians allow investments in mutual funds or ETFs backed by precious metals, but New Direction Trust Company allows direct ownership of physical bullion and coins. Your account can transact with any dealer of your choosing, from a national brand to the coin shop down the block.

Your IRA-owned precious metals will be safely stored at your chosen depository. New Direction Trust Company has developed relationships with depositories throughout the country and across the world, so there's sure to be facility that will meet your storage needs. If you wish to distribute your assets in kind (withdraw the metals themeselves), contact our office to initiate the process and arrange shipment.

To ensure prompt and comprehensive service, New Direction Trust Company is proud to feature a dedicated Precious Metals Asset Team (PMAT). The can be reached at 877.742.1270 x185 or